We are a reliable Quality Control and Compliance Service providers to the suppliers, retailers and importers. Our Quality Inspectors will help to protect your brand by minimizing defective merchandise, Customer Complaints, non-compliant products and late shipments with a comprehensive range of inspection services. We can help you better manage risk from product design to store shelf. Each different type of inspection we offer has a specific objective & benefit.

With a team of highly experienced inspectors, we can inspect, verify the quantity, product quality or any specific criteria on the manufacturing premises, at the time of loading or at any destination. The sole purpose of these inspections is to provide the desired Quality to the client and to avoid any unnecessary shipping delays.

We inspect raw materials prior to production to verify that the quality specification for materials are being met. This can help minimize wasted time & resources.

With many production process, much of the production setup is done at the front end to allow the review of product quality before mass productions begins. Verifying first run Quality requirements can help product consistency and minimize wasted time, scrap product & rework.

This inspection validates that initial production process has been maintained and the goods being produced continue to meet Quality requirements.

This inspection takes place prior to shipment and assesses whether final product meets all quality specifications. The objective of this inspection is to identity any quality defects that would prevent shipment of inadequate product.

This inspection provides witness to the loading and unloading of product to verify that only the inspected and approved final product is shipped and received according to the buyer's requirements.

Product samples are selected at a factory or other sampling location by an inspector for forwarding to a client or to a laboratory for testing. Sample collection may be performed as part of a product inspection or as a separate service.

Our prompt, reliable and independent inspections ensure your consumer goods comply with the requirements mandated by local regulations, international standards and buyer-specific quality control plans.

Beyond product inspection, we can also check the quality performance history of existing & new suppliers and help to ensure the continuous effectiveness of your Quality assurance programs.